Founded in 2000, CHRYSO POLSKA is the leader in admixtures for construction materials.

We provide our customers – cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete industrials, precast manufacturers and construction companies – with our expertise in chemistry, formulation and our knowledge of construction materials.

CHRYSO POLSKA key figures

year of foundation

1 production sites

Our mission

  • Expertise: chemicals for construction materials.
  • Positioning: leader in France.
  • Solutions:  admixtures for concrete and additives for cement...
  • Distribution channels: the products distributed on the French market are designed and manufactured in France.
  • Export: CHRYSO POLSKA  is also well positioned on export markets
  • Part of a French Group: subsidiary of a French independent Group (with LBO France as its majority shareholder)
  • Markets and typology of our customers:
    • CONCRETE: Ready-mix concrete plants, Precast plants, applicators (Screed and Aesthetics)
    • CEMENT: cement manufacturers

An innovative company

20% of our staff work in R&D

55% of our turnover are generated thanks to products which are under 5 years old
3% of our turnover are invested every year in R&D 

Innovation is in our DNA

CHRYSO has long been investing in a strategy aimed at developing new solutions to keep our customers satisfied by continually improving the fulfillment of their economical and technical needs. Our company provides a wide range of products in constant evolution, which offers optimized solutions to our customers’ daily issues.

Examples of latest CHRYSO® innovations

  • The FILL-FREE® technology embedded in CHRYSO®Premia 500 series
  • LSS (Low Sulfate Sensitive) technology
  • CHRYSO®Optima 100 technology
  • CHRYSO®Equalis product range
  • Luminescent technology LuminTech® by CHRYSO®

At the very core of our clients’ needs

We endeavor to understand our customers’ requirements in order to provide suitable responses. Our sustainable solutions comprise a wide range of products and services supported by our expert teams. The cornerstones of our offer are Quality, Reactivity and Service Mindedness.

A responsible company

Our priority is to act as a responsible company. We openly report to our stakeholders. Our whole organization is employees and customers oriented: their satisfaction is very important to us, as well as respecting direct and indirect stakeholders.

CHRYSO POLAND has got a four certifications of factory production control. 

 nr 211-CPR-051 (in accordance with the harmonized standards PN-EN 934-2+A1:2012, PN-EN 934-3+A1:2012)

PC 138-WB (in accordance with technical approval IBDiM Nr AT/2016-02-3248)
PC 139-WB (in accordance with technical approval IBDiM Nr AT/2015-03-3142/1)
PC 140-WB (in accordance with technical approval IBDiM Nr AT/2014-02-3073/2)

These certifications allow us to guarantee our practices and their constant evolution in our internal process.