Made in Poland 

Made in Poland
Our R&D Centre and production site are in Mazovian County. The location of this part of the country gives us excellent access to our customers in the whole country. Moreover, we also have an additional department of CTC in the northern part of Poland and a warehouse in the Southern part. This location effectively influences the speed of delivery of our products and services to our targets clients. Each subsidiary gets full support from the international R&D center based in France where we lead research on new solutions or develop  those already well known by our customers. Thanks to this we may focus on many projects at once.

A comprehensive expertise from our laboratories…

Material laboratories (CTC)

The CTC is located in Blonie (near Warsaw) and its department is located in the north Poland, Gdynia.  Largely equipped with state-of-the-art tools, we conduct some tests to characterize the most suitable formulations, either based on our clients’ features (technical assistance following some specific requirements) or for our own product developments.

Control laboratory

Our raw materials and production are checked in our internal control laboratory in order to ensure they meet quality and conformity standards (e.g. NF standard). Each batch is tracked in order to ensure a follow-up in case of a potential issue.
Our laboratory also analyses all aqueous wastewaters in order to reduce our impacts linked to effluents.

… to our customers’ sites

Technical follow-up

The CHRYSO expertise is always comprised wherever we accompany our customers with the implementation of their construction materials, either on a jobsite or a production site. At CHRYSO, our field experts are always of guidance: trained to our many solutions, our technical sales force is completed by our team of regional technical experts in order to respond to the sharpest technical issues.


We deliver our solutions for cement and concrete all over Poland, in bulk or standard packaging, in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Our drivers are trained to our products and Safety procedures so as to ensure chemicals compatibility and a safe delivery environment.